(from left to right): Annabell Engel,  Dante Alighieri, Martin Bauch, Thomas Labbé. Image: Private.

Dr. Martin Bauch studied History, Political Science and Public Law at the Universities of Potsdam and Florence and worked as lecturer at the University of Darmstadt, where he finished his PhD in 2012. After that he worked as a Post-doc on a project of climate history  in Late Medieval Italy at the German Historical Institute in Rome from 2013-2016. He started his Freigeist Fellowship in 2017 and is steering group member of the PAGES CRIAS group.

Annabell Engel, M.A. studied History and German Studies in Darmstadt and Heidelberg, whereby she got interested in the field of Environmental History. After three years of archival training at the Hessian State Archive and the Archives School (both Marburg) she started working on her PhD project in October 2017 within the Dantean Anomaly Project.

Dr. Thomas Labbé studied History at the University of Burgundy, where he defended a PhD thesis about the perception of natural disasters at the end of the Middle Ages in 2009. He worked as Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation Fellow at the Institut für Geschichte /University of Darmstadt in 2013-2015, and is now Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in the Leibniz-Institute in Leipzig (GWZO) and invited researcher at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Dijon (MSH). His interests focus on history of climate, history of disasters and history of wine.

Undine Ott, M.A. studied History and Arabic Studies in Leipzig. She is currently finishing her PhD thesis on tombs as lieux de mémoire in medieval Islamic Central Asia. She has worked on medieval Central Asia and on the history of inequality in Leipzig und Göttingen and was an Alexander von Humboldt-fellow in Jerusalem and Bonn. She joined the Dantean Anomaly-project in April 2020.
Image: private.