Organizational work

Martin Bauch, Convenor of the Session “New Approaches to Climate History of the 13th/14th Century: Tipping Points and Extreme Events”, 2 July 2018, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 1-6 July 2018.

Martin Bauch, Annabell Engel, Thomas Labbé, First Meeting of the Advisory Board (Bruce M.S. Campbell/Andrea Kiss/Gerrit J. Schenk) of the Dantean Anomaly Project, Workshop, 22 March, GWZO, Leipzig.

Martin Bauch, Contribution to Session 8 about the Societal Impact of historical volcanic eruptions / Fifth Open Science Meeting (OSM) des paläoklimatologischen Forscherverbunds ‚Past Global Changes‘ (PAGES), 9-13 May 2017 in Zaragoza (Spain).